Saturday, 4 August 2012

Prostitutes - Psychedelic Black

Psychedelic Black by Prostitutes first came to my attention back in March as I happened to accidentally stumble upon a piece about it's recording on a blog. I immediately headed over to the stabUdown website and decided to keep an eye out for a release, five months later and here is the finished article. This is a very limited pressing - only 100 hand numbered copies are available so I didn't hang about long and neither should you.

It's described on the website as "8 tracks that orbit the center label like rusted out satellites launched by a dead civilization" and I think that gives a pretty good description of what's contained within the beautifully silk screened jacket.

The first few tracks immediately put me in mind of the kind of ferric experiments undertaken by early electronic pioneers such as Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire - all blunted pulses, grimy reverb and queasy synth drones. But the album quickly progresses beyond these influences and throws in a stripped down electro-Krautrock jam (Get Off The Streets), some post-punk/new wave tinged pop (Flipped Pieces of Coin) and even a new age synth miniature, complete with wind chimes (Rogue Elephants).

This is a record that was most definitely worth the wait and should be grabbed from the label shop quickly whilst they're still available. I'd dearly love to see this one given a digital release too as it really should be heard by more people. I suspect those initial hundred copies will disappear rapidly once the word spreads.

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