Monday, 18 June 2012

Vatican Shadow - September Cell

Finally! Today sees the release of Vatican shadow's latest emission in the form of a digital download for those of use not utilising a turntable as their audio transcription method of choice. For this latest release, Dominick Fernow has initiated the Bed Of Nails imprint through Boomkat in the UK. Initial copies were available in a run of only 700 with an even limited number pressed onto clear blue vinyl. This one made such a noise on it's physical launch date a few weeks ago that I hoped a digital release wouldn't be too far away.

A pair of tracks, both called 'September Cell' get proceedings underway, the first is subtitled 'The Storm' and rides in on a sabre-rattling rhythm track permeated by silken synth drifts. The track is gilded with layers of industrial electronics, rising and falling in the mix until everything reaches an abrupt, albeit brief climax. The second part of 'September Cell', subtitled 'The Punishment' takes the same template but roughs everything up, dialling up the distortion and gradually covering everything with a layer of midrange compression.

On 'Cairo is a Haunted City', Fernow creates a tightly wound, sombre arrangement using sweeping synth pads and a drum track that AFX would be proud to call his own - all hissing hi-hats and metallic snares. The final track, 'One Day He Heard the Call' dispenses with the drums altogether and uses only clicks and rattles to underpin the plangent, Vangelis-esque blooms. 

After the successes of last year's Bermuda Drain album (as Prurient) and the more recently released Kneel Before Religious Icons, Dominick Fernow proves beyond doubt that, after 14 years of producing intelligent and uncompromising experimental music he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Incredible stuff - required listening!

The digital download is available through Boomkat and it would appear that a few copies of the black vinyl are still to be had via Experimedia

Play 'Cairo is a Haunted City' by Vatican Shadow;

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