Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mo Kolours - EP2: Banana Wine (2012)

A couple weeks ago I got an email from the rather excellent One Handed Music label which read;

Download Mo Kolours' New EP For Nowt.

Have a gift from us. Mo Kolours' EP2: Banana Wine is out today and it's free.

We take great care with all our releases, but this one feels extra special. Mo Kolours' new EP is an intoxicating blend of soul, dub, hip-hop, house, afro-latin percussion, Mauritian Sega music and much more. It's a real step forward from his first EP and should establish Mo as one of the most individual artists around. So tarry no more and get listening.

It went on.

Half-Mauritian singer-percussionist Mo Kolours returns with his second release: EP2: Banana Wine. Last year’s EP1: Drum Talking saw his blend of soul, dub and various electronic styles with the Sega music of his ancestral home celebrated far and wide. As the UK’s FACT Magazine remarked, “The wonderful Mo Kolours laces his loping, hashed-out Madlib-meets-Theo Parrish beat confections with melodies from the folk music of his homeland”, and while those Mauritian influences still give Mo Kolours’ work an otherworldly feel, EP2: Banana Wine is more evocative of the his current home in South London than his debut release.

They had me at free music.

I couldn't argue with the above description. This is such a chilled out set, a laid back listen but with a fabulous Caribbean twist. I enjoyed this so damn much I headed straight over to the label and bought the first EP which is just as damn good and a steal at just a few quid. I suggest you do the same.

Perfect for those lazy spring days in the garden with a beer and stuff. (If it's not snowing that is!)

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