Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dirty Beaches - Dirty Beaches Cassette (2009)

I had to find more music by Dirty Beaches after hearing Badlands. There were a few bits and pieces available but nothing grabbed me quite like Badlands. That was until I came across this, a cassette only release from 2009 containing six tracks just shy of 19 minutes. A handful of instrumentals, a few vocal numbers - all swathed in the same grimy filth of lo-fi distortion familiar to any listener of Badlands. loping analogue beats, loops and growls with vocals buried deep in the mix. Extremely repetitive and half-arsed, in the most interesting possible way.

If you enjoyed Badlands then seek out and approach this release with an open mind. I can't guarantee you'll dig it but, give it a chance and you never know.

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